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Graphics - 911 Filmcars Inc.

We can, and do, provide a full graphics service to both our own vehicle fleet and also to a productions own vehicles.


Our graphics department produces both full colour print and cut vinyl, operating with all new equipment including the latest in wide format colour printing from Epson, cutting from Graphtec and lamination.


Full vehicle wrapping is also available for those situations when traditional paint is not an option. We are able to provide art, design, vinyl creation and application. From simple one colour vinyl to complex full colour graphics or even "full vehicle wraps", we can fulfill your production needs.


Our graphic database, established over many years servicing movie and TV productions in and around Vancouver, enables us to assist your production with rapid access to a variety of source material, logo's, scaled vehicle outlines and much more.


Our graphics department can be reached by phone at (604)-517-1911 or by email at graphicart911@gmail.com.

  •   Ambulances

    We have a large inventory of Ambulances, with many styles to choose from. All our ambulances are fully equipped for your production needs. In addition 911 Filmcars has a large inventory of emergency-related equipment.

  •   Big Rigs

    We have a Highway Tractor unit, 5 Ton Trucks a Logging Truck and many other larger vehicles available.

  •   Buses

    Our extensive range of transit buses are typical of those in use in most of North America and can be custom liveried to reflect your specific requirements.

  •   Cable Car

    See our motorized San Francisco Cable Car. Extensively recently refurbished this vehicle  is ready to go!

  •   Cars

    Over 50 ranging from the very latest Ford Taurus Police Intercepters and Dodge Chargers to the ever popular Crown Victoria's and many more. Our fleet comprises, whites, black and whites, blacks, and many other colors to choose from. Taxi, yellow cabs, white, colors are only limited by imagination with the assistance of our in-house graphics department.

  •   Firetrucks

    Our extensive range of Firetrucks are typical of those in use in most of North America and can be custom liveried to reflect your specific requirements.

  •   Maintenance

    We have a number of maintainence vehicles available.

  •   Motorcycles

    We have a large and varied range of motorcycles available. Police motorcycles such as Harley Davidson, BMW and Kawasaki to Honda Gold Wing's and many more.

  •   Police

    We have a wide and varied selection of police vehicles available in addition to our cars and motorcycles. Paddy Wagons, Prison Buses, SWAT Van, Bomb Squad Foam Unit and more.

  •   Miscellaneous

    From a well equipped Newsvan, Pick-Ups, Delivery Van to a Moped plus many others to choose from. Contact us for more information or your specific requirements.