Picture Vehicles & Consulting Services for the Film Industry

  • Black and White

    We have 9 cars dressed as Black & Whites as standard, but can increase that number quickly through our in-house graphics department.

  • White

    Our fleet currently contains 16 white cars, ready to play. Telephone us today to book 604-880-5879 or 604-517-1911.

  • ND (Ghost Cars)

    We have a wide range of colours to choose from and a number of "matched" vehicles in popular colours.

  • Suv's

    Our fully rigged Police SUV's.

  • Taxi's

    Our yellow cabs work for multiple locations, complimented with two white cabs, one vintage all complete with Taxi Toppers and meters. We also have advertisement "toppers" available - see lightbars section for more details.

  • Misc

    Our miscellaneous "car vehicles" are located in this section, limo, SUV etc.

Miscellaneous Cars incl our popular Seattle Blue Crown Victoria's:


Car# 29 Crown Victoria

Car# 37 Crown Victoria

Car# 46 Crown Victoria

Car# 50 Crown Victoria

Car# 60 Crown Victoria

Unit# L2 Towncar Limo



Please note: All our vehicles are regularly dressed for productions

and therefore any graphics shown in photo’s should be disregarded!


Tel: 604-880-5879

or 604-517-1911

Email: info@911filmcars.com

or graphicart911@gmail.com



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